Art for restaurants.

We acknowledge the rise of the eat-in revolution, and so, now more than ever – a beautiful place to eat is essential.

Our Mission

Places with beautiful art pieces conveying the essence of the restaurant; from an authentic British restaurant conveying the locality of produce to the immersive colour of an Indian restaurant. From a small quintessential British tea or coffee shop to a new restaurant looking for a trendy start.

Our art consultants are very much a part of the eat-in revolution, however, we still have a desire for a beautiful restaurant art experience. It is this experience which drives us in order to passionately collaborate with restaurateurs & artists. 

Our Approach

Talking to the people commissioning the project starts us off, in order for our art consultants to attain a feel for what you are looking for. We would love to visit the restaurant too, to gain a better understanding of the space. Afterwards; we will break down the project in to its component parts and make a project pitch in order to prepare to commission the work from a particular artist or a selection of artists in order to create the pieces of art.