Art for hotels.

The decisive element in a patron’s experience when they enter a hotel is a sense of ‘home, but more.’ A sense of being comfortable yet transported, in an ambience that elevates their daily experience.

Our Mission

Ambience is the carefully balanced sum of all of its parts: architecture, design, colour, music, personnel, and, of course, art. Creating the right feel and identity for the desired patrons, be they crisp business-people or loved-up couples on their honeymoon, is achieved by combining all of the above elements with intentionality and purpose, moulding the environment to the designer’s vision.  Ambience is also a feeling. How does the designer want patrons to feel as they evolve within the space? From a relaxed, easy-going boho vibe to a rugged, simplistic and rustic retreat or a luxuriant, opulent and decadent escape, a patron’s emotions need to be lifted to match their surroundings. 

Art plays a crucial role in bolstering a style statement and playing on our emotions. It should be embraced boldly but judiciously in the creation of settings that make people feel both at home and exalted. Whether it’s being used to distinguish individual rooms from each other, create distinct zones or unify a scheme, the power of the right art is to complete the illusion and immerse the patron in the designer’s intention.  

In hotels, in particular, art can translate the designer’s intent in creating specific spaces. The ‘Honeymoon Suite’ will have a different range of art to the family rooms or the convention centre, and much can be deduced about a room’s purpose based on the artworks on display. They will complement the furnishings, layout and colour palette in creating an environment that says ‘bask in each other’s presence,’ ‘parents deserve a break too,’ or ‘let’s get some powerful and productive work done.’



As in all things, first impressions are vital. The hotel’s foyer is a microcosm of the designer’s intent and design scheme. This is the time and place for those striking, memorable and evocative statement pieces, which immediately give patrons an insight into the identity, purpose and atmosphere of the establishment.

Everything from colour palettes to scale right through to the thematics of the design scheme come through in the foyer. The pieces in this space are both the first and last that patrons see, therefore becoming the knot that ties the whole design narrative together. Getting them right is crucial to immersing the patron in the experience and making sure they feel engaged and elevated.  Similarly, the right artwork in a restaurant enhances the whole dining experience. The same way art in a hotel’s foyer translates the ambience, and lifestyle patrons can look forward to, so too artwork in a restaurant suggests what and how patrons can expect to eat, as well as how they might feel while doing so. 

Is this a down-to-earth local eatery, a gastropub, a fusion venue? Is it a themed extravaganza, a fine-dining establishment, a Note by Note experience? The answers to all of these questions can be advertised with the right artwork, which, alongside other design elements, will also plunge the patron into the atmosphere and make dining a fully immersive adventure. Patrons should feel entirely transported to the place of the designer’s choosing, even if just for a short time. Whether designing for the grandest foyer, the most intimate restaurant or the most luxurious suite, artwork that is merged symbiotically and organically with the rest of the design elements has unrivalled power to create impact and statement. It’s crucial to making an establishment memorable and evocative, converting an inane space into a 4D experience. 

Luminaire Arts and their team of experts understand intimately how central art is in creating a statement and pulling together a scheme. They also know how finicky it can be to source, select and obtain the art that is really going to make a space pop. Luminaire Arts has made it easier than ever to access artwork, filter searches and customise selections as early on in the design process as possible, helping designers create a fully immersive atmosphere. 

Whatever the project and vision, with Luminaire Arts’ roster of artists on hand, designers can easily and quickly find the pieces that are just right. 

Our Design Studio 

Luminaire Arts specializes in original art, sculpture and wall art. We collaborate with over 1000 emerging and established artists. In the Design Studio, our in-house studio artists are able to focus on very particular pieces where we are able to create bespoke work to your exact brief which can also fit constrained budgets, if required.