What is creativity and what does it mean to you; how are you creative?

We caught up with a few Luminaire artists this week to ask them about the notion of creativity. What is it? How do they remain creative?


Adam R –  ‘Creativity is completely subjective. Most days I feel like a dung beetle building an enormous pile of shit, but sometimes bits of the shit look like they might be diamonds. It’s just a question of perspective.’

Holly –  ‘Creativity is making the most out of an opportunity when it arises. In my practice, it has been something that comes with time and is a matter of putting in the work to prepare for the anticipated moment. Painting really is a practice that depends on one’s commitment to what he or she is looking for and mastering the limits that he or she sets.

In my own practice, creativity is dependent on truth with myself as an artist. The more honest I am in my judgements and decisions, the more likely I am to create in an authentic way. Being present in the moment and open to all possibilities that could occur in the painting also induces this way of extracting what is essential and true. Within each painting, I am always preparing for this moment of freedom that lifts the work into a new state of meaning.’

Shirine –  ‘Creativity for me means novelty. When you are creating something, this means you are making something new. You are crossing the boundaries of what you know and injecting in your work a personal idea or expression. Personally, creativity for me is a longing to express my mind and heart. It is an urge to do something. Without it, I feel hopeless and empty.

Creativity for me means passion: a passion to express my own feelings and thoughts, a passion to search for something new, a passion to transcend the borders. No doubt that creativity is a not easy to define; but there is one faithful word essential to creativity: it is Freedom. Creativity is Freedom. All children are creative. Why? Because they are free spirits. They are free to express themselves without doubt or fear.

To be creative is to express yourself with freedom, novelty and passion!’


Great answers guys! Visit next week when we ask more Luminaire artists questions!