Art for yachts.

Just because you are on one of the seven seas does not mean you need to compromise on a luxury interior. We feel adding a sense of home to yachts even when you are quite a distance away, honours the duty of care to guests.

Our Mission

At Luminaire Arts we believe a yacht, a luxurious space for leisure and relaxation, should provide the additional element of individuality that comes with original art. Adding this sense of home to yachts, honors a duty of care to guests as well.  After all, original art is one of the best ways to make spaces feel unique and creative. Whether you decide for sculpture, wall art or painting, our consultants can help you decide on the best fittings, finishes and care so the work will be safe from the elements and movement. 

Individuality makes a place a more intense experience – one which people will remember. Creativity sparks from all kinds of places and the chances are, yachts are a time to get some rest and recuperation – what better way to provoke creativity than to incorporate well thought out art pieces into your space. Key areas such as owners’ suites and entertaining lounges may incorporate more statement artworks and other areas doing more budget conscious original works.

Art for yacht services are one of our core focuses; we love the luxury element and it is one of the main passions of our art consultants. By supporting emerging artists, we believe we are together supporting a much wider creative industry.

Our Approach

We start by talking to the people commissioning the project, in order for one of our art consultants to attain a feel for what you are looking for. Where possible, seeing the plans, design brief and mood boards for a new yacht will assists in the initial selection. If the project is a refurbishment of an existing yacht, we offer to visit the yacht too, to authentically attain a feel of the space. After the initial impression, we will break down the project in to its component parts, and make a pitch in order to prepare to commission the work from a particular artist or a selection of artists in order to create the perfect pieces of art.

Our Design Studio

Luminaire Arts specializes in original art, sculpture and wall art. We collaborate with over 1000 emerging and established artists. In the Design Studio, our in-house studio, artists are able to focus on very particular pieces where we are able to create bespoke work to your exact brief, which can also fit constrained budgets, if necessary.