Art rental in London made easy

At Luminaire Arts, we have a wide range of Rental Art available for you to hire. With only a 8% rental fee* we have some of the best rates and selection of Art for Rental in London. 

E.G. An Original artwork on canvas, from our Studio Art Range, in size 102 x 102cm, with a list price of £525 (ex vat) will cost just £42.00 per month to rent (ex vat).


Select from a large range of original artwork, mixed media, prints or photography


From the brochures in the link, select your size, orientation and frame options if required 


Ready to hang, each artwork can be on location within 2-3 weeks normally 

Get fabulous art on those walls as quick as a flash!


Your taste and how cosy your office space looks is one of the key factors in your employee’s productivity and wellness, and in a busy industry, presentation can be a determining factor to ensure you attract, keep, and get the best out of your clients.  

Art has a way of captivating the mind. All the mystery which hovers around great artwork and how it perfectly blends with the furniture in your office(s) is sure to attract and keep the most sophisticated clients in the world.



It is true that buying original art can be expensive, and so this is where maximizing profits comes in, as at Luminaire Arts you can now rent art and use it in your office space. Over the years, we have successfully attracted top artists in London, and we can now provide a wide range of art rental in London for your office(s). 

When you choose Luminaire Arts for your Art Rental, you get the experience and knowledge of the art industry as well as the interior design knowledge from our Art Consultant Specialists. We take on the hard work of sourcing and putting together a presentation for you. Our Art Rental Specialists can assess how the art blends with your furniture so that each day you step into your office, you’re 100% happy with the results.

We'll take the strain...

Rental Art for our London clients is very flexible. One of the key things with Rental Art is that you can change it when it no longer fits with your aesthetic, or if you’re looking for a revamp. This is something you can do regularly with Luminaire Arts!  Renting artwork with Luminaire Arts is the most cost effective way for you to make your office look good and feel good.  

With years of experience in this field, we know how to follow trends, and have a wide range of options and artists to collaborate with. This means that we are constantly updating our brochures and can also source more bespoke artwork depending on your needs.  

Browse through and get the best rental art in London from Luminaire Arts.

Great selection of artists and thorough customer service experience.

— Jessica Wilstead