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Your very own website visible to over 15,000 Trade Clients on our database.


Interior Designers, Architects and Corporate clients can contact you directly!


You decide the pricing for your art, after negotiating directly with the client!


NO COMMISSION to pay to us or anyone else when dealing with the client! 

YOUR WEBSITE - on our website (example)

Lisa is a contemporary abstract artist. Sharing her time between North London and North Yorkshire. “Although I have A 'levels in Art and History of Art, I am mostly self taught. My speciality is acrylic and mixed media and I take my influence from the patterns and textures of our amazing world.” “I love the feeling of freedom and energy that the use of different mediums allows. Often, something as simple as a variation in texture or direction can create something totally unexpected. Each of my paintings reflects the different layers and adventures in life that create our own unique individuality. It is for this reason that I leave it up to the owner of the painting to decide which way it should hang.” “We all see something different!”

Visibility direct to the 'Trade'.

As we know there are hundreds of websites out there, showing millions of pieces of art, but, how many are there to specifically assist the all important Trade clients, such as Interior Designers and Corporate clients? None....except for ours, that is!

The Luminaire Arts Portal is THE most useful website for those Trade clients looking for all kinds of artwork for their projects. And it's fair to say that our database of thousands of Trade clients are generally looking for quality art, and most definitely not cheap art! Over the last 10 years or so, Luminaire Arts has established itself as one of the finest Art Consultancies in the UK, with the most fabulous art provided for thousands of wonderful projects across the world. Be it for upmarket hotels, restaurants, multi million pound homes, superyachts, cruise ships, medical centres, care homes or show homes, Luminaire Arts was at the forefront for providing mostly original art, 3d wall art, sculpture and ceramics. 

With our all NEW Luminaire Arts Portal, Trade clients can now contact artists directly! Cutting out the 'middle man', which means better prices for Trade clients and extra for the Artist, as there's no commission to pay!

The Process....


Trade clients, including Interior Designers, Architects, and Corporate clients in the fields of Hotels, Cruise Shops, Superyachts, Restaurants, Offices, Care Homes, Medical Centres visit our website to look for art for their projects.


Then, Trade clients  are actively encouraged to visit Artists own websites by simply clicking through a link, where they will be able to see all of the artists work, information and contact details. 


The Trade clients will then contact the artists they are interested in,and start a dialogue with them, discussing their art requirements, timeline for delivery of the art they want, and of course pricing! As all of this is directly between the client and the artist, there is absolutely NO COMMISSION TO PAY!


The artist will communicate with the client regarding progress of the order, expected delivery of the agreed artwork , and then arrange delivery to the agreed delivery address. As a general rule we recommend artists to get a 50% deposit when an order is placed with them, and the balance just prior to delivery.