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 20,000+ Trade Clients could be looking for your art!

A £45 Billion worldwide art business

Art is big business, make no mistake about that, and the amount of art that is chosen for projects across the world is huge! Whether it's for hotels, residences, show homes, offices, yachts, palaces, care homes or medical centres etc., Luminaire Arts is heavily involved in the process of selecting, creating and delivery of art across the world.

Since 2012 Luminaire Arts has successfully represented and sold art for hundreds of artists

As probably one of the most highly respected Art Consultancies in the UK and probably around the world, we pride ourselves on both the service we offer to our Trade clients, but also on the quality of art we offer from our fabulous artists. Not only is it extremely satisfying seeing fabulous art delivered and installed all over the world, it's hugely satisfying knowing that so many of our artists are earning substantial amounts from selling their art with us.

Specialising in providing mostly original art, sculpture and 3D wall art, Luminaire Arts has gained a huge amount of knowledge on how the Trade art world works, and you can be part of our success.

Please bear in mind that a very large percentage of the business we do is for 'commissioned art', so you must feel comfortable and confident you are able to recreate your artworks, in a very similar way, to those that we are showing on our website. 

Please note: Luminaire Arts does not prevent artists from selling their art in any other way they wish to.

What can you earn?

Well, it very much depends on the success of your art! We have artists that earn over £50,000 a year from our sales....and others that earn nothing. We can't be more honest than that!

Selling Art with Luminaire Arts

A 3 Step process for Success

Submit Your Art

As a highly curated Art Portal, only a limited number of new artists are allowed to join at anytime, enabling us to continue to offer our clients high quality artworks on our  reputable and reliable art Trade website. 

We'll Upload

After agreeing the price category you will go into for your art, we then do the rest! Your own page will be created and your artwork uploaded! Please note that we only use first names as we very much promote the artwork rather than the artist!

...Then Promote

New artists are added to the 'Emerging Artists' section of our website (CLICK HERE TO SEE), and it's at the discretion of the company to then decide if artists work will be added to other featured sections of the website or in brochures.

The Process

After joining, Luminaire Arts uses an external company to prepare artwork images ready to upload to the website, including roomshots. A process that is very important but also quite time consuming.

Using our normal and highly successful marketing practices, the website and its artists are heavily promoted. We make no guarantees that your artwork will sell, but we do our very best to make it happen!

When our Trade clients are ready to purchase, which often can be several weeks or months after selecting artworks to include in their projects, we will be in touch with the artist to discuss the order.


If selected, there is a joining fee* of £100.00 which can be split into 2 x £50 payments over two months, and then there is a service fee of £19.99 per month, which can be cancelled at anytime, if you decide not to continue.

*The joining fee goes towards the overall cost of arranging an artists artwork ready for the website. At the end of the 12 months, there is no extra charge to continue, if both parties agree to continue. Only the monthly subscription fee will continue to be payable, if you remain on the website.

Since joining Luminaire I can honestly say it has given me an additional income of thousands of pounds a year, and also allowed me to feel like a professional artist.

— Lisa H

Since 2012 we've paid out millions of pounds to artists!

Promoting you through...

Events  - Meetings - Phone Calls -  Exhibitions -  Advertising - Social Media

With our help you select your own Art price category, so that if we receive orders for your artwork, you'll know what you will receive!

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