Art For Offices.

Offices are hives of human productivity and creativity, where people come together to solve problems, achieve goals and build their company’s brand project by project – or at least they should be!

Our Mission

So many things go into designing an office that encourages collaboration, efficiency and creativity. From work-space layout and faculty lounges to material choices and colour-schemes, designers can create an environment conducive to staff happiness and productivity. The selection of wall art or stand-alone 3D art is just as much a part of this process as paint colour and desk design, impacting the morale of staff and clients alike.

Art in offices fulfils a variety of purposes, which can best be achieved with a selection of bespoke, commissioned or customised pieces that speak to a company’s identity, mission, staff and customers. From an aesthetic point of view, art tells the story of a company, of their ideals and guiding principles, their motto, and their work ethics. From black-and-white nature photography to oversized abstract canvases and enigmatic 3D installations, the choice of art speaks volumes about a company’s true essence. Tailoring artwork to the company’s missions and origins is crucial in developing a sense of culture around the workplace. When everyone in the building can engage with the art and the environment it generates, cohesion, collaboration and unity of purpose find themselves strengthened. 

A coherent, purposeful and harmonious work-force means staff will enjoy working there, and clients will enjoy coming in. Both the offices and the team will make a strong positive impression. The art adorning an office also speaks to a company’s brand. The styles, colours and subject matters present in the reception area, outside the front doors and in conference rooms are part of the company’s public face, and thus become part of how it is perceived by society. In this way, art is crucial to developing and presenting a brand, helping prospective customers notice, understand, trust and, most importantly, remember a company and its services.




Within the work-space, art is highly useful in zoning out different areas for different functions. The artwork in a boardroom will be different from the pieces in the open-plan office space, the reception or the lounge. This is because art communicates purpose and intention. Art consultants look carefully at what needs to be achieved in each room, from high-powered leadership meetings to creative collaboration, informative and professional approachability or recuperative relaxation.

This helps customers, visiting professionals and staff consciously and subconsciously understand what is expected of them, and puts them in the best state of mind to be able to achieve this. From a psychological point of view, it has been shown that working in a creative, aesthetically pleasing environment reduces stress, inspires creative thinking and increases productivity, as well as boosting ingenuity and leadership. There’s art that calms and art that motivates, art that brings joy and art that brings tears. All of it has a role in the workplace. 

As previously mentioned, the best way to genuinely translate a company’s essence and inspire staff is through bespoke, customised art. The consultants at Luminaire Arts have an in-depth understanding of art’s power to lift our emotions and give us direction, so when they enter into discussions with designers and commercial clients, they know what questions to ask to draw out the heart of a company. Visiting the workplace in question allows them to see first-hand how spaces function and communicate with each other, as well as defining the purpose of each area and how it interacts with staff and customers. This is vital in allowing them to select the ideal size, colours and moods for each aspect of the project. 

Upon having narrowed down their search criteria, the consultants at Luminaire Arts develop a pitch, detailing their preferred artwork options and their customisations. They have 1,000 rostered artists on-hand and over 50,000 works of art to choose from, so they are sure to identify pieces that truly represent a company’s ethos. Once their pitch is approved, the artists are engaged, pieces commissioned and the office space decorated! 

Luminaire Arts consultancy is a straightforward and hassle-free path to a striking, inspiring and motivating workplace, helping companies boost their brand and their productivity.