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New Artists 2020

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Painting is Mireia’s chosen medium, but she is equally fascinated by sculpture and finds inspiration in works by Rodin and Michelangelo. She especially admires the way Rodin seemingly left some of his pieces unfinished or rough around the edges to better express movement and life.

Che (01)


Rashna’s art is a representation of her perception of life – Dynamic, complex and yet simple. Vibrant colours are the main substance of her art works. Construct and deconstruct is her process.


She Wears Purple


Elena is inspired by the way that culture shapes our outlook on life, and defines the way we interact with each other. Using bold colours and striking shapes, she seeks to show how clashes of cultures ultimately represent a force for good and eventually enrich society.




Born in Hong Kong to an English father and Australian mother, she spent her early childhood in Shouson Hill on Hong Kong Island’s steep slopes, which influenced her work with Asian leanings alongside trips to Australia to indulge in family, culture and Aboriginal art, the relationship between the earth, the elements and expression being engraved at an early age.

surrounded by - JustS


Justyna graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, before moving to London. Her main source of inspiration lies in notion of “inner peace” and a study of “silence”; “what I paint is rather a state of mind than the real world. The images of undisturbed inner silence are often a result of meditation…moments of deep inner concentration when you can hear your true Self”.

Splash I


Lisa’s speciality is acrylics and mixed media, and she takes her influences from the patterns and textures from our ‘amazing world’. ‘I love the feeling of freedom and energy that the use of different mediums allow. Often something as simple as a variation in texture or direction can create something totally unexpected’.

the meeting #1


Corinne is inspired by landscapes, nature, cities, travel, fashion and media. Her work investigates colour, form, space and texture. Working with acrylic and mixed media, a blank white canvas takes on a new form through the expression of energy and begins to develop a life of it’s own and a new entity, aiming to create vibrant and emotive works that allude to another world.

Chartreuse Green Meadows


Andrew’s work is a direct and emotional response to the natural world and in particular the physical geography of the landscape. When drawing and painting he works and reworks areas as if sediment is being deposited then eroded, scratched, scraped, up to the point where the fluidity of the landscape flows across the canvas, texturing each composition until it reads like Braille.



Ariadna’s creative process involves experimentation with techniques to imitate and amplify nature. She creates forms and textures that have a natural aesthetic and quality, reminiscent of organic cells, celestial structures, basic life forms or fossils. Due to the nature of materials and techniques used, the process of making is fluid and alive.

Grass Green Composition 38x30 Inch Acrylic on Canvas 3 Detail1


Nemanja is a UK-based artist who has exhibited his works internationally. Entropy, colour theory, texture and composition form the essence of his abstract paintings, and he constantly seeks the most pleasing mix of every component. Often using non-traditional tools and in possession of a wide range of artistic skills, he produces pieces marked by subtle texture, consistent colour and an engrossing pull.

First signs of Spring 60cm x60cm


Chelsea uses materials and techniques associated with both disciplines: painting and sculpture. Starting with unusual bases like concrete, steel or copper, she pours or dribbles paint, layers plaster or delicate gold leaf, then scrapes, cracks or corrodes her medium to get the effect she is searching for.


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Emma says of her work ‘I am drawn to beautiful forms whether they are man made or natural. My aim is to show my appreciation of the simple beauty of such objects by their sensitive portrayal in my paintings. In my work i’ll often draw and paint the forms many times, scratching and scraping through to previous layers to create a broadly descriptive, but beautiful image.