Collection: Svetlana


Svetlana is a London based artist who has been expressing her creative vision in such countries as Russia, Brazil and UK since her first exhibition in 2013. Studying art from an early age, familiarizing herself with diverse techniques and mediums, Svetlana's love for acrylics grew from the desire to represent the colourful beauty of Brazilian exotic nature, its rich textures, diverse forms and shades.

In 2018 Svetlana settled in London, UK. She continues to explore the versatility of the acrylic medium, playing with structures, hues and textures. Her signature thick impasto artworks combine abstract shapes with impressionist flowers, giving the viewers colours they can touch.

'I always paint from a question, will my artwork make someone's day more joyful? Will it encourage them to dream? I believe in the power of art to make us feel uplifted and inspired. I find my source of inspiration in nature as a creator of unique textures and colour pallets. Through the exploration of natural patterns and aesthetics, my work represents a sense of fluidity and movement. I constantly expand my collection of visual references from the places I've visited to find a perfect theme for my project. The best medium to express my vision is acrylic paint with its infinite range of colours. Sculpting paint and creating three-dimensional shapes, I aim to convey joy from my studio to the viewer's space.'