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  • Luminaire Arts Ceramics Studio

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    Luminaire Arts Ceramics Studio
    Luminaire Arts are pleased to introduce their Ceramics Studio service to interior designers and architects. The studio is composed of a group of ceramic artists all with their own unique and individual style in forming porcelain and other clays into sculptural wall art and installations.

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  • The Independent Hotel Show 2015

    This year Luminaire Arts was delighted to exhibit at the Independent Hotel Show


    Located at Olympia West, London, it was a spectacular venue to showcase our art! The show presents a diverse collection of the UK’s most innovative and expert suppliers, bringing together luxury, boutique for the Independent Hotel sector.

    And we were proud to be one of them this year! Not only was it a great opportunity to promote Luminaire Arts to a specific, high tailored audience, but also we were able to showcase 3 of our artists and engage face-to-face with our targeted audience.


    Our 3 selected artists for the show were:

    • Isobel – Her ‘Ruffles’ series are stunning and beautiful pieces, and was the talking point at our stand.
    • Richard – With his urban landscape paintings, we were able to show off an established selection of figurative works, and the range available at Luminaire.
    • Henrietta – As always Henrietta’s landscapes are delicate and exquisite, and fitted beautifully at this high-end hotel show.


    Photo 20-10-2015, 11 38 03

    Photo 20-10-2015, 10 56 11

    This was the first time at the show and a first to promote our fresh and newly printed ‘Instant catalogue’ to clients, showing the expansive range of artworks we have on offer at Luminaire. And with the help of our artists, the positive outcome from the show was that we were able to establish ourselves as a key supplier of unique and beautiful art in the hotel industry.

    Photo 20-10-2015, 10 55 57 (1)

    Photo 20-10-2015, 12 37 42

    Photo 20-10-2015, 11 07 00







  • Fallen Colour

    For our most recent project, we worked with LRW Architects and our artist Eddie to come up with a creative, sculptural solution to incorporate into the Mercure Sheffield Hotels atrium space.

    Here, Eddie tells us his experience and process of working on this exciting project.




    What is unique about working with Corten steel?

    Corten begins life like any other steel, whether it be mild, hot or cold rolled, stainless etc. However, once you allow it to rust it stays at that point. As time goes on the colours, depending on the surroundings, change. I’m always taken with how the metal reacts when I revisit a Corten sculpture. I love seeing a very geometric shape rusted and aged.


    What was your process for making each individual leaf?

    Once the leaf design was finalised, I wanted to laser cut each leaf to give it uniformity but after some thought I decided to hand cut every leaf with a 4 and a half inch grinder with a 1mm cutting disc attached. Then deburred the edges, and scored the folds, then shaped them by hand. At this point I needed to quicken the rusting process. So, using a mixture of white vinegar, salt and hydrogen peroxide 3%, I lay them on the floor of the workshop and outside the workshop and covered them in the solution. They change before your eyes! But what happened over night was amazing. The patterns and forms on the steel as it reacted to the solution were fascinating. They will keep on changing slowly over time. I then welded the screw threads of various lengths on to each leaf for the wall. After this I made the 2 stands for the glass cubes and welded the loose leaves randomly on to the frames. These were measured precisely to fit into the glass cubes. On site I drilled each female screw into the wooden panels on the wall then simply screwed the leaf into them.




    Did you learn anything new about your process from working on this project?

    I feel procedures are often far easier than first thought and can be over engineered at times. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on this project as it was pre designed to some point. Sometimes imagination needs to be capped. My motto is: keep it simple!


    What was your experience of working with Luminaire Arts?

    Luminaire Arts are a fresh, young and relaxed company with a long awaited vision of how art and installations need to be handled. To be approached by the organisation was a blessing and I’m sure relationships will grow as, from my point of view, they have filled a much needed niche in the market. It was approached quickly and efficiently with great trust on both sides.


    Identity II (Installation shot)


    What’s next for Eddie? Have you got anymore exciting installations / shows coming up?

    I’ve never been busier. I have just delivered steel maquettes to a prominent socialite and a pop singer, and in one case leading to grand commissions in the grounds of their property. I have a potential Saudi Arabian hotel sculpture spanning 2 stories to design. Also I am exhibiting a steel sculpture in a central London hotel off Oxford Street until the end of the year. All this followed my first solo exhibition held in Newcastle Arts Centre, with the help of Breeze Creatives with which I have my studio in central Newcastle.

    There are also several projects in very early stages. I am also hoping to grow my network after moving to North Yorkshire in the very near future. All this with making furniture for family and friends and networking for more work on a daily basis. I also have a ‘regular’ job in Newcastle.


  • ST Paul’s Hotel, Mercure Sculpture

    Projects and commissions are an extremely common thing at Luminaire Arts. Working closely with our most trusted clients but also welcoming new faces into the mould, we are able to constantly promote and sell our Luminaire artists work.

    In this most recent project, we were asked by LRW architects to come up with a creative solution for a large sculpture to inhabit the wall of the elegant atrium space at the Mercure St Pauls Hotel in Sheffield.

    Hotel and Atrium


    Without sounding too much like a history lesson, the city of Sheffield during the 19th century gained an unprecedented reputation around the world for steel production. Many innovations were developed locally, including crucible and stainless steel, fuelling an almost tenfold increase in the population during the Industrial Revolution. International competition however in iron and steel caused a decline in traditional local industries during the 1970s and 1980s, coinciding with the collapse of coal mining in the area. Undoubtedly tragic for the city during this period, Sheffield certainly did not rest on its laurels; the city has bragging rights to some pretty envious facts. With more than 250 parks, woodlands and gardens in the city and an estimated 2 million trees, this gives Sheffield the highest ratio of trees to people of any city in Europe. The city also has a long sporting heritage, and is home to the world’s oldest football club. Fantastic!


    With this rich heritage in mind and relying on our past experiences of working with public commissions and most importantly artists, as a team we were able to breath and organically source the best artist for the project, Eddie Roberts.


    Fun facts

    • A hundred and two individual hand finished steel leaves were used
    • Took over 12 hours to install
    • Sixty bags of sand were used for the base glass vases
    • Colten steel was used for the leaves, but the rusty effect is a natural occurance with this type of steel


    With Eddie’s direct experience of working in steel, his process and approach towards the project was to intricately cut, fold and shape each leaf by hand. This painstaking process has produced a beautifully intricate and organic result. You can see more images of the finished piece on our case studies page.
















  • Italian Mirrors Collection – New Collection 2015

    Luminaire Arts are excited to add additional new styles to our best selling Italian Mirror Collection. Each design is hand crafted by artisans in Italy. Sumptuous baroque detailing to contemporary fused glass, check out the full catalogue here, trade discounts available  for designers.

    Our new collection of chic Italian mirrors is sure to turn heads — and not just to steal a quick glance! Luminaire Arts are now able to provide a wide array of mirror sizes and shapes, in many beautiful styles and aesthetics. Even within all this variety, a unifying sense of grace and luxury pervades in this catalogue, so feel free to mix and match to your heart’s content.

    256 - Mirror in frame available in gold or silver. Also available in brown, red or white. Gloss or matt.
    256 – Mirror in frame available in gold or silver. Also available in brown, red or white. Gloss or matt.
    268 – Wooden frame in silver with faceted mirror (4 sizes available)


    We now do Mirrors and more…Check out our Italian mirrors, rugs and interior accessories catalogues. Contact Us to request a full catalogue and trade price list!