Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Renting Art for your Office Space

Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Renting Art for your Office Space

Art is a powerful way of adding visual interest, stimulating creativity, and motivating people to work in the office. This is particularly critical during a pandemic where people would rather remain home and work remotely. Art in your office is also an effective tool that can help you connect with your clients and communicate the message and vision of your brand effortlessly.


There is no debate when it comes to the reality that office spaces are changing. Over the years, major offices have been slowly shifting from a monotonous cubicle-based and flat space. Offices are now moving to spaces that are beautifully designed and capable of making people feel at home and inspired.


Observing this shift in the way offices are designed, Luminaire Arts has risen to the occasion. We provide an art rental service that makes enhancing the aesthetics of your office affordable and hassle-free. We feature a wide variety of pieces from British artists.

If you are seeking to rent art for your office, we've got you covered.


Here are some of the great benefits of renting art for your office space:


Increases Productivity


Some people may have an improper view of art in the workplace. It is not merely for the purpose of decoration. There was a recent study on this subject with more than 800 employees serving 32 companies which revealed that art in the office helps enterprises to increase the productivity of their employees by reducing stress (78% agreed), increasing creativity (64% agreed) and encouraging workers to share their opinions (77%). Having art in your office space will make your staff much more comfortable therefore more productive. 




Get Art That Suits You


With London-based Luminaire Arts you will get beautiful art that meets your needs. You simply need to communicate to us what you would like your office to look like. We will then curate a selection of artwork that inspires your workers and communicates your brand to your clients.



Frequently Change the Look of Your Office


When it comes to corporate art rental, Luminaire Arts are leading in customer satisfaction. One of the great benefits of working with us is that you get to rotate your artwork every 6 months. This, of course, is not mandatory, if you desire to keep the artwork for more than 6 months or even longer, Luminaire Arts can accommodate that. We are currently one of the top art rental providers in London. 




An Affordable Way of Beautifying Your Office


A beautiful and well-done piece of art can have a huge price tag. As a matter of fact, many have chosen to avoid getting artwork for their office space because they do not want to spend a lot of money. Luminaire Arts resolves that issue. When you rent artwork with us, you pay only 8% of the value of the art piece. For examples, a print on canvas in size 102 x 102cm with a list price of £358 (ex. vat) will cost £28.64 per month to rent (ex. vat).


Having art in your office will ultimately enhance your business. If you are in or near London and are looking for art rental for your work space, get in touch with Luminaire Arts and ask about our corporate art rental services.



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