• Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Renting Art for your Office Space

    There is no debate when it comes to the reality that office spaces are changing. Over the years, major offices have been slowly shifting from a monotonous cubicle-based and flat space. Offices are now moving to spaces that are beautifully designed and capable of making people feel at home and inspired.

  • How to Be an Art Consultant to your Client during COVID-19

    With the current coronavirus outbreak, a lot of us in the interior design and architecture industry aren’t sure when we will be going back to work, because of this a lot of us have been working remotely or from home.  

    With government guidelines still in place and many of us not returning to our normal working schedules and environments anytime soon, we here at Luminaire Arts thought it would be a great idea to write a blog on a few of our tips, tricks and things to consider to help you provide the best art consultancy service to your client. 

    So here are three top things to discuss with your client when beginning to think about sourcing artwork for your project.