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Designing an interior with a real 'wow' factor

There are so many elements that go into designing an interior with a real ‘wow’ factor. From layout and lighting to furniture and colour-palettes, not to mention the practical aspects of a space that needs to be lived or worked in, the devil is in both the details and the broad strokes.

One design element that often gets left to the last minute is the artwork which adorns, embellishes and enhances a project. Whether it was left out of the budget or the time-frame, art that is sub-par or chosen hurriedly can bring a whole project down and leave the client wanting more.

Decorative wall art, prints and photography, 3D creations and sculptures should be just as symbiotically connected to your project’s direction as the furnishings and colour choices. They help to pull together or reinforce a scheme, direct the eye around a room and are essential to building ambience and identity.

Choosing the right artwork for the budget and scheme is difficult if the decision is left too late, or too little budget is allocated to it. It should be a part of the planning and designing process right from the get-go so that the design can develop organically, and no elements feel jarring or out of place. The visual impact created by the right artwork helps a project stand out from the crowd while ensuring the client feels immersed in the scheme.

For some projects, detail, finish and feel are going to be just as important as the visual impact. That particular piece which exudes lushness and luxe, epitomises rugged and rustic, or embodies hard and industrial, through its very texture, size and presence, is going to take some hunting for. It might even become a focal point of the design!

For those projects which need to be pushed that one step further, specially commissioned artwork really ups the ante. Unique pieces designed solely around a scheme can imbue interiors with an aura of singularity and intention, as well as being the perfect vehicle to create cohesion and impact. Permeating a design with purpose and intent also helps the client feel safe and confident in the designer’s vision and direction.

If custom pieces are required, the process of planning, designing and selecting artworks is given even more importance and becomes integral to the whole design process.

Designers and artists need to collaborate from very early on, coming together to develop a specific feel, ambience and identity for the project. It isn’t just the visual aspect of the artwork that wants to be taken into account. From selection to installation, a whole slew of processes need to take place, and time, budget and attention should be dedicated to elements like transporting and installing the pieces safely, within the desired time-frame and to the necessary standards.

Where does a designer even begin to search for that perfect piece to compliment their scheme, or find that one artist who can bring their vision to life? It could seem daunting to venture out into the art world – there’s so much out there! Some wheat, some chaff, and a needle in a haystack.

This might be one of the reasons designers often leave the artwork to the last minute. When there’s so much else to think about, the last thing anyone wants to do is plunge into the haystack of artists, galleries, exhibitions and fairs within which they’re expected to identify pieces they might want.

There are ways to make the planning, budgeting and selection process more approachable though. From cultivating personal relationships with artists and gallery-owners to working through studios or platforms like Luminaire Arts, which are geared towards Interior Designers and Corporate Clients, navigating the maze that is the art world doesn’t have to be a complicated and overwhelming process.

The experts at Luminaire Arts work closely with both established and emerging UK creatives, building up a portfolio of diverse, high-quality art across all mediums as well as a roster of artists to call on for custom pieces. Whatever the project, Luminaire Arts can match designers with the artwork they need to bring their vision to life.

Knowing how crucial the right pieces are to helping a scheme come together, designers need all the tools and support they can get when choosing their art. Whereas art that is included in a project’s budget and schedule as an afterthought can lower the tone of the entire design, making the time and budget to include great art elevates the cohesion and feel of the whole project, helping to pull together a scheme from start to finish.

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