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Luminaire Arts Gallery - New Art Portal

The experts at Luminaire Arts have a unique and specialised understanding of the issues faced by designers when searching for artwork.

Having been part of the Trade Art Industry for over six years, Luminaire Arts have had the time and experience to bring designers the most streamlined experience possible.

The process of sourcing, selecting, framing and installing great art can be overwhelming. So many time-consuming steps need to take place: narrowing down where to look for a great selection of pieces; selecting the items to include in mood boards (while hoping they’re still available for purchase when the project is approved); taking into account a client’s colour scheme, budget, and size restrictions. Not to mention organising framing, transport and installation! It’s easy to get lost in the jungle that is the art trade world.

This is why Luminaire Arts are excited to launch their new Trade Art Portal! This innovative feature offers a bespoke and accessible Art Portal consultancy service, which supports designers and corporate companies when sourcing art for their projects. It will enable designers to fully customise a wide range of art specifically to their client’s needs.

Through this revolutionary portal, accessible at, a wide range of Original Art, 3D Wall Art, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Prints and Photography is customisable at the touch of a button. Furthermore, orders include framing options and worldwide delivery, removing even the technical hassle from the whole process.

The Trade Art Portal has many ingenious and convenient features to make the sourcing, selection and installation of art as smooth and painless as possible. From search filters to the ‘Room View’ feature and the downloadable Wishlist, sourcing artwork has never been this easy!

The search filters enable designers to narrow down the 10,000+ options to those which are most appropriate to their projects. Searches can be tailored to include Original Art, Prints, Photography, Ceramics, Mixed Media or 3D Wall Art, at Budget, Premium or Affordable rates. Artwork can be narrowed down by colour palette, subject matter, and even artist or brand, if designers are familiar with Luminaire Art’s roster of creatives.

Once a selection has been made, individual pieces can be easily customised by editing their size, orientation and frame. Any item available can be ordered in a portrait, landscape or square orientation, and a wide range of frames is open to choose from, all from the comfort of your desktop. The artwork can also be purchased unframed or on canvas.

The ‘Room View’ function is invaluable in visualising how the projected size, orientation and frame of the piece will interact within a room. The ability to see how the artwork occupies its space is such an advantage when choosing items, which will need to mesh organically within a design.

Once an item has been customised and visualised, it can either be placed in the cart to be purchased or added to the Wishlist function. The Wishlist is where users can save a selection of items before downloading the whole list as a PDF.  The document includes images for each piece as well as the size, orientation and frame choices. In this way, artwork can be quickly and effectively added to mood boards or shared with clients, in a format that enables everyone to visualise how the piece will look within the project.

Uniquely, art selected for the Wishlist will in nearly all cases remain available to order later, so no matter how long a client takes to make a decision, or how long a project goes on for, the selected artwork awaits the designer’s convenience.

This is possible because Luminaire Arts are lucky to work with a regular roster of talented artists and suppliers, ready to create the desired piece according to the colour, size and orientation requirements of the project or client. Any further specifications can be given in the ‘comments’ section when the order is placed.

As is the nature of an original, especially a commissioned piece of art, no two will ever be identical. This means that even though an item was ordered online, the result is very similar, but a genuinely individual piece, which brings prestige and intention to any design.

Convenient, accessible, bespoke and unique: purchasing artwork has never been this easy! Join now for a 30% discount on customised artwork for your next project.