Luminaire Arts Ceramics Studio

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Luminaire Arts Ceramics Studio

Luminaire Arts are pleased to introduce their Ceramics Studio service to interior designers and architects. The studio is composed of a group of ceramic artists all with their own unique and individual style in forming porcelain and other clays into sculptural wall art and installations.

Ceramic art has a long history in most cultures and is experiencing a boom at the moment. Our artists create intricate artwork, often from the thinnest of sheets of clay. They can be finished with pigments, glazes and precious metals to work with your interiors. They can be installed on all surfaces, either directly on a wall, on a board if preferred or they can be framed. The subject matter of ceramics ranges from floral and other organic shapes to architectural.

Since our inception over 5 years ago, Luminaire Arts have installed ceramic art on the most stunning residential, hotel and yacht projects.  Many of our clients have worked with our studio artists to create bespoke ceramic shapes to dazzling effect.

If you are considering ceramic artwork for your project, with our expertise we can help you answer any queries you might have. Our artists are happy to be commissioned for bespoke projects. Studio visits can be arranged as well and we will be working with you closely so the final art piece is the perfect finishing touch to your hard work.

Find out more about commissioning ceramic art by emailing

Or see our brochure highlighting some of our Ceramic artworks here

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