Art For Property

Modern interior of apartment, living room with blue sofa, floor lamp, coffee tables and plant 3d rendering
Art for Property and Developers

Showhomes are decisive in a property developer’s sale strategy. As the ‘display’ version of manufactured or soon-to-be manufactured homes, they are fully equipped with furnishings, appliances and interior staging, enabling prospective buyers to easily visualise living in the space.

As such, their job is to be enticing and fulfilling, attractive and comfortable, tailored to the target market. For this reason, property developers expand limitless time, energy and money on creating the perfect showhome. From selecting the location and materials to hiring the best tradespeople and interior designers, no detail is left to chance. This includes the artwork chosen to adorn the space.

Why is art so instrumental in showhomes? The answer is plainly that art makes a home: it tells the owner’s story, fills a home with intention, evokes powerful emotions and encourages dialogue. Clients will instantly feel more connected to a showhome which contains art that they can engage with, imbuing this otherwise sterile and foreign space with a sense of ‘home’ and giving them a unique perspective on the house.

When clients walk into a showhome, the art fulfils a specific aesthetic purpose. Unlike art in a private residence, it’s not here to be the striking element in a space. It’s here to complement the designer’s colour and texture choices and highlight the character of the architecture. It also strengthens the designer’s scheme, enveloping the client in the property developer’s vision.

Furthermore, it should convey the designer’s and property developer’s intention for the home. Is it a family home? A bachelor pad? A newly-wed couple’s first buy? Art consultants carefully consider what the artwork should communicate in each space, tailoring the home’s story to their target audience.

Art’s power to play on our emotions is also vital in dressing and staging a showhome. How should clients feel when they enter? When they move around the space? When they leave? The emotional atmosphere of a home can be quite accurately manipulated by artwork, hopefully helping to solidify a buy!

Since art helps clients relate to, understand, and associate emotions with a showhome, finding the right artwork to help sell a property is crucial. At Luminaire Arts, the consultants begin by an in-depth discussion with the developers and designers, to gain a thorough and comprehensive insight into the desired look and feel for the home, as well as any historical ties that can be highlighted. The most crucial step in Luminaire Arts consultancy service is visiting the property. Understanding how spaces and functions flow and how rooms relate to each other, as well as gaining a more precise knowledge of spatial stipulations, are vital to tailoring their search.

The consultants then analyse the project, breaking it down into its component parts to refine their search. They have over 250 artists on call and more than 10, 000 fully customisable artworks to choose from, meaning they can really focus their search on what will bring out the best in the showhome. Their goal is to complement the designer’s choices and the home’s architectural elements. They next put together a pitch for the designer and developer, detailing their art selections, their customisations and their placement plan. Once it’s approved, Luminaire Arts’ roster of regular artists is engaged, the selected pieces commissioned and customised and the showhome dressed!

This dynamic, creative approach to working with designers and artists ensures a smooth and collaborative process, during which every party is working towards the same vision and intention. The consultants at Luminaire Arts understand the importance of your showhomes, and the critical role art plays in dressing your home and engaging your clients, so let them help you sell!

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