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Office Conception (panoramic)
Art For Offices | Art Consultancy

Simon Sinek says millennials in the workplace tend to ask for a beautiful place of work, however, what does it actually take to create a beautiful place of work that inspires?

At Luminaire Arts, we are fond of bespoke office art pieces conveying the true essence of the company; with art for office tailored to a particular space. An office art piece might be conveying a performance algorithm in the finance room, the ingenuity of your company in the customer services room, or a piece that conveys leadership in the executive room.

Our art consultants are true art curators who will source inspirational art for offices.

Our Approach

We start by discussing the project in order for our arts consultants to attain a feel for what you are looking for. We would love to visit the offices too, to see the space and how they relate to each other. Afterwards; we will break down the project in to its component parts and make a project pitch in order to prepare to commission the work from a particular artist or a selection of artists in order to create the pieces of art.

Contact Us

We would love to schedule a talk about a potential project. Our art consultants team is zealously focused on realising the art potential of an office. Our visionary thinking is to inspire our people & our clients people by project owning the art consultancy element.