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Art For Hotels | Art Consultancy

People love hotels, so much so, people will pay a premium for a luxury & inspiring hotel.

In the increasingly competitive hotel market, differentiate your hotel with original artwork. At Luminaire Arts, we believe in optimising the hotel experience by interweaving beautiful pieces of hotel art throughout; from the very first impression at the reception to the very last designed to trigger a neat review.

We believe art for hotels is an integral building block of a hotel’s identity; not only does it enhance the guest experience, it also emphasises the brand ethos.

The themes can cover anything from photography convening the locality, works related to the history of the site, building or people related to the area, to artwork showcasing the individuality of your vision and taste. Hotel artwork can be bold pieces of sculpture in corridors, wall art in common areas, intriguing pieces for the rooms or any combination of these. Our art consultants are avid travellers and seek brilliant hotel experiences designed to inspire.

See our ‘art as experience and enhancement for hotels’ article here.

A selection of our high-profile clients include; Claridges – a 5-star luxury hotel in Mayfair, The Grove Hotel – a 5-star luxury hotel in Hertfordshire & The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.

Our Approach

We first like to talk to the passionate people commissioning the project in order for one of our passionate arts consultants to attain a feel for what you are looking for. We would love to visit the hotel too to authentically attain a feel of the space. Afterwards; we will break down the project in to its component parts and make a project pitch in order to prepare to commission the work from a particular artist or a selection of artists in order to create the pieces of art.

Our Design Studio

Luminaire Arts specializes in original art, sculpture and wall art. We collaborate with over 250 emerging and established artists. In the Design Studio, our in-house studio artists are able to focus on very particular pieces where we are able to create bespoke work to your exact brief which can also fit constrained budgets, if required.

Contact Us

We would love to schedule a talk about a potential project. Whether you are considering a large entrance sculpture, art for a small boutique hotel or artwork for a number of hotel rooms, Luminaire Arts can help you with realizing your project.
Our art consultants team is zealously focused on realising the art potential of a hotel. Our visionary thinking is to inspire us, artists & our clients by project owning the art consultancy element.