Art Consultancy – Pimlico, London

Art Consultancy for your Projects

Luminaire Arts Consultancy service offers Designers, Architects and Corporate clients a truly unique Art, Sculpture, Installation and Framing service. Providing a truly bespoke offering of original art, commissioned art, our own in-house artist workshop, and Prints and Photography, we are able to satisfy a whole projects needs, whether large or small, and always within a clients budget!

With a gallery and showroom in Pimlico, London, we are able to host client meetings or visits, and arrange for art to be delivered to ‘site’, or to clients own residences for viewings.

Finding the right consultancy for your project is paramount, so please see below to find the right assistance for your project…

Art For Yachts

Just because you are in one of the seven seas does not mean you need to compromise on a luxury interior. We feel adding a sense of home to yachts even when you are quite a distance away, honours the duty of care to guests.

Art For Hotels

The decisive element in a patron’s experience when they enter a hotel is a sense of ‘home, but more.’ A sense of being comfortable yet transported, in an ambience that elevates their daily experience.

Art For Residences

We are a nation of obsession with our residence – a place to call home. We are not one to have bland interior; we are thoughtful about the art pieces we have in our home.

Art For Restaurants

We acknowledge the rise of the eat-in revolution, and so, now more than ever – a beautiful place to eat is essential.

Art For Offices

Simon Sinek says millennials in the workplace tend to ask for a beautiful place of work, however, what does it actually take to create a beautiful place of work that inspires?

Art For Property

At Luminaire Arts, we truly believe in the British culture of obsessing over beautiful architecture and interiors. Interweaving art with architecture adds depth – not only is the architecture itself beautiful, but the art inside is a statement of the dedication that went into creating the spaces.