Trade Brochures


Please enjoy our various brochures; from Original Art to Prints and Photography, and also Brochures explaining our Art Consultancy services.

PowerPoint Presentation

We wanted to make the process of buying art as easy as possible for our clients….

The Big Book of Original Art is all about commissioning art, in a size you want and at prices to meet your budget!

Summer Update 1

A highly curated selection, just for Summer, of some of our fabulous artists!


For a highly curated selection of fabulous 3D wall art and sculpture to adorn beautiful wall and spaces. our Artisan brochure is the place to start.

LA Brochures - Xpress Photography

Please remember to ask us for any photography that your looking for, which isn’t featured in this brochure. With access to thousands of original, limited edition and ‘stock’ photography, we’d like to think we can find any style you need for your projects.

LA Brochures - Xpress art prints

For Luminaire Arts it’s all about offering a complete service for our clients. Being able to provide Original Art, Sculpture, Photography, and now a huge range of Prints completes the whole package. And on top of that we of course offer framing, delivery and installation services too!

In this wonderful catalogue you can choose from a huge range of Prints, which can be printed, framed and delivered within 7 days, and in almost any size you’d like!

LA Brochures - Conde Nast

Representing over 200 artists, Luminaire Arts offers a full consultancy service that will help you find the perfect artwork. With extensive experience of working with artists and designers, you can be assured of your project’s success.

Our products and services include:

  • Original paintings and photography
  • Bespoke sculptures and 3D wall art
  • Framing and installation services
  • Commissioning art from over 200 artists
  • Limited edition and fine art print