Rolfe Judd Case Study – Full PDF click here


Luminaire Arts have successfully teamed up with award winning design practice Rolfe Judd and developer Dukelease to complete three artisanal boutique apartments in London’s artistic quarter of Fitzrovia with fantastic artworks and sculpture.


The Artisan project on Goodge Street had art and craftsmanship at the centre of its design ethos and the project has deservedly won this years London Evening Standard Conversion of the Year Award! Click Here to read the full article!




Our case study presents a dynamic and creative approach to how we work with designers and our artists. We also caught up with Head Designers from Rolfe Judd Katherine and Laura and here is what they had to say about the project!




What themes have inspired the interior design at the Artisan Project?


Artisan is a unique development that actively encouraged craftsmanship, all items within it needed to be unique and on par with the targeted end user.


What were you looking for when concepting initial art ideas?


The artwork is very specific to the project and the apartments, the works needed to be unusual but in a sophisticated, no nonsense way, they are very much part of the interior design concept.



How did you approach selecting the art?


We had a very clear idea of what the artwork should be saying within each space and as an overall, the artwork needed to stand out as striking elements within the spaces.


How did you find the commissioning process?


Commissioning was great, helped by Paresha’s understanding of our requirements and the artists limitations.


We understand “artisan” and “crafted” were central to the design, how else did these influence your interior choices?


The developers on Artisan were focused on having an exclusive bespoke offering they can use as an additional selling element. As interior designers it is always a pleasure to use bespoke ‘one-off’ products to give a sense of identity and personal style.