Luminaire Arts were asked by LRW Architects to come up with a creative solution for a large sculpture to inhabit the wall of the elegant atrium space at the St Pauls Hotel in Sheffield.


The hotel atrium housed an elegant and spacious space next to a Winter Garden for guests to relax, eat and converse making it perfect for a commissioned piece that would be admired for years to come. The designers had envisioned a concept of wind swept leaves in a material close to Sheffield’s cultural and historical heart: steel.


In searching for an artist, Eddie Robert was the perfect fit. Self taught metal sculptor Eddies’ work opens up form, shape, colour light and the use of materials with an architectural and geometric feel, especially steel.
Eddie worked with Luminaire Arts and the client to produce a bespoke wall sculpture made from water jet cut corten steel leaves, which were hand formed and finished.


Fun facts

  • A hundred and two individual hand finished steel leaves were used
  • Took over 12 hours to install
  • Sixty bags of sand were used for the base glass vases
  • Corten steel was used for the leaves, but the rusty effect is a natural occurrence with this type of steel

As a successful art consultancy practice we pride ourselves on being the collaborative link between the designer and the artist. “It’s stunning, it is exactly how we envisioned the project” Simon, Director, LRW We have had very positive feedback from hotel management and the architects.

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